Mark Bibby Jackson

Nothing will come of nothing

50 Shades of Grey

A friend of mine recently told me how he was amazed to see three Rolls-Royce Phantoms all in a line on his first visit to Phnom Penh last year. While this is by no means an every day occurrence on the streets of the Cambodian capital, the last few years have seen a marked rise […]

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The Art of Wellness

The Thai wellness sector has a universal reputation for excellence, but within it there is sufficient space for visionary entrepreneurs to cut out a niche market for themselves. By MARK BIBBY JACKSON It seems appropriate that the managing director of Kamalaya Koh Samui uses an analogy drawn from nature to illustrate his point about business. […]

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Thailand’s Solar Queen

2015 is a big year for the climate change agenda. In December, negotiators will descend upon Paris to sign a new universal and legally binding treaty to tackle the issue. Yet as oil apologists and environmental campaigners dispute the impact of greenhouse gas emissions, business people are seizing the advantage of government subsidies to profit […]

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