Mark Bibby Jackson

Nothing will come of nothing
Have Conte's Chelsea already won the league?

They think it’s all over …

So, Antonio Conte can start cracking open the bottles of prosecco. As mentioned in last month’s column, the team leading at Christmas traditionally goes on to win the Premier League come May. Chelsea’s 1-0 victory at Crystal Palace ensured the 2014-15 champions would go into the festive break with a six-point lead over Liverpool, despite […]

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Can Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool head the table come Christmas

Festive Cheer

Recent times have seen the most recent (false?) coming of Liverpool, followed by the swift renaissance of Chelsea – were you one of those baying for Conte’s blood earlier in the season? – the inevitable Arsenal falter and Utd’s implosion. What was perhaps more difficult to foresee was the second coming of Yaya Toure, although […]

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Sergio Aguero's goals have helped Man City get off to a flyer

A Marathon Not A Sprint

A week may be a long time in politics, but it’s an eternity in the life of a Premier League manager. Three wins in three games and Jose Mourinho could do no wrong; the Special One was reborn. One week and two losses later, the first at home to city rival and the second in […]

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Expect the Expected

Those following the build up to this Premier League season might be forgiven for concluding that the world’s most popular sport is a game of chess played by Football Masters. Mourinho, Guardiola, Conte and Klopp have taken the headlines apart from a splattering of Ibrahimovic and a last minute Bolt-like surge from Pogba. However, football […]

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Richard III

The city of Leicester has been in the news in recent years and not just for the unexpected success of its football team. A skeleton unearthed beneath a car park there in 2012 was found to be that of Richard III. Rupert Goold’s rendition of Shakespeare’s play of the same name, currently performing at the […]

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Set in the ruins of Europe, Heiner Muller’s Hamletmachine is a difficult play for the audience. In her programme notes for the current Collide Theatre production, director Emily Louizou asks the viewer not to “try to understand everything which will be happening around you,” but to “experience the crisis you will see.”

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Fabric is an old-fashioned play about a rape. From the 60s soundtrack to the mini-skirt the victim Leah wears throughout, the play is embedded in a time when cries of rape fell on the deaf ear of “she was asking for it”.

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Held Hostage on our Honeymoon

Over a thousand tourists were stranded on Easter Island in the build up to Christmas. Some never made it home in time. By Mark Bibby Jackson A look of resignation sits uneasily on the hundred or so passengers lined up outside Easter Island’s Latam Airline (LAN) office in the early hours of Monday December 21. […]

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