Peppered Justice, A Cambodia Novel

Following on from the success of his debut novel To Cook A Spider, which has won twin prizes at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, Mark Bibby Jackson’s second Cambodia novel, Peppered Justice, was released in November 2016.

Peppered Justice by Mark Bibby Jackson

Peppered Justice by Mark Bibby Jackson


When Inspector Satya is unexpectedly instructed by the Kampot Chief of Police to work on what looks like a routine missing persons case little does he realise he will become ensnared in a web of murder, underage sex and pepper smuggling that is set to shake the peaceful town of Kampot to its core.


The faceless body of a dead girl is discovered in a field in the village of Teuk Chhou on the outskirts of Kampot, but instead of pursuing her killer, Inspector Satya is told to find the missing daughter of a wealthy expat and a rich Khmer. However, the inspector soon realises that the case is far from routine, as the girl’s body is discovered a few hundred metres from the guest house where she was last seen.


When a third girl goes missing, the inspector is involved in a race to save her life, in which he has to confront his own judicial system.


The second of Bibby Jackson’s Cambodian trilogy, Peppered Justice picks up where To Cook A Spider left off, with disgraced Cambodian detective Major Sorn Satya transferred to Kampot after his handling of the Defaux murder case. However, despite this set back the inspector is determined to fight for justice rather than kowtow to authority.


Author Mark Bibby Jackson skilfully merges humour with a pacey detective plot while developing a lead character that is set to become the Kingdom’s favourite culinary detective. Could this be the start of Cambodian nouvelle noir?


Released at the Kampot’s Writers and readers Festival in early November 2016, Peppered Justice is available in bookshops in Cambodia available through Amazon.


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“Peppered with humour, Bibby Jackson’s second novel is as much of a page-turner as it is a psychological insight into what makes humans tick, making it a riveting read from start to finish.”

Marissa Carruthers, AsiaLIFE Cambodia




About the Author

Mark Bibby Jackson is the award-winning author of the Cambodia novel To Cook A Spider and the short stories Always and A Slow Death. He is the publisher and founder of lifestyle and travel magazine AsiaLIFE Cambodia, and editorial director of ASEAN Forum magazine and Horizon Thailand. As a freelance travel and lifestyle writer as well as food and theatre reviewer he has featured in Forbes, TNT, the Phnom Penh Post, the Myanmar Times and QUO. He moved to Cambodia in 2006, but now flits from Phnom Penh to Bangkok and Essex – and many points in between.