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Making MICE Business E-Asy

The signs are that 2015 will be a successful year for Bangkok’s MICE industry. Horizon Thailand talks to a company right at the epicentre of the Thai capital’s exhibition business. It used to be said there were three rules of business success – location, location and location. This is something the owners of Royal Paragon […]

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Food Talk: Bo.Lan

Bangkok ThaiSELECT restaurant Bo.Lan combines a passion for the past with a concern for our future. There are some people who cook for a living and others who live to cook. Duangporn Songvisava and Dylan Jones, the two chefs behind Bangkok’s Bo.Lan restaurant, certainly fall into the latter category. The Thai and Australian first met […]

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Food Talk: Nam Fah

The Oslo restaurant produces some of the best Thai streetfood in the Norwegian capital, but as Horizon Thailand discovers, its Danish and Thai owners have more lofty ambitions. Seldom is success handed to you on a plate, even in the restaurant business. This is something that Kim Larsen and his Thai wife Prattana Silapin, the […]

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Expect the Unexpected

AsiaLIFE Cambodia’s Publisher Mark Bibby Jackson ventures to the Gulf of Thailand to discover that Kamalaya Koh Samui’s de-stress package is not quite as he anticipated. I didn’t know what to expect. Images of Anthony Hopkins playing Dr Kellogg in The Road to Wellville merged bizarrely with Carry On Camping – only up-scale – when I […]

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BMW Embraces the Car of Tomorrow

Thailand is the largest manufacturer of automobiles and autoparts in ASEAN, but what will the car industry of the future resemble? A key question facing the automotive industry is what will be the car of tomorrow. Depleting oil reserves and rising environmental concerns have made the gas-guzzler a thing of the past, but what will […]

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On the Table: Thai Square

Thai cuisine has a reputation for excellence across the globe. Mark Bibby Jackson chats with the man behind the UK’s Thai Square restaurants. Sitting opposite Haim Danous in his flagship Thai Square restaurant just across from Trafalgar Square, it is clear that the Baghdad-born property tycoon is a proud man. “It is the most authentic […]

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Taking Care of the Over 60s

Sometimes in the rush to exploit the growing youth market, companies can forget its more mature citizens. However, SCG shows that age is no barrier to commercial success. Economic development and an ageing population are natural bedfellows. This applies as much to Thailand as to other countries around the world. The Institute for Population and […]

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Reconnecting with Yourself

The Thai Wellness sector has a universal reputation for excellence, but within it there is sufficient space for visionary entrepreneurs to cut out a niche market for themselves. It seems appropriate that Marc-Antoine Cornaz uses an analogy drawn from nature to illustrate his point about business. “Sometimes companies are like oak trees that are built […]

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