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Nothing will come of nothing

Anantara: Taking Thai Hospitality to the World

Since its inception in 2001, the Anantara Hotel Group has become a major player in the region’s hotel industry. Horizon Thailand unveils the secret of its success. Sitting in her office near Ekamai BTS in downtown Bangkok, Marion Walsh-Hédouin looks a satisfied woman. “Yesterday [November 6] we announced the opening of our hundredth hotel,” the […]

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The Local

Mark Bibby Jackson pops down to The Local to see whether it delivers on its promise to bring local Thai food to the heart of Bangkok. Photos by Nick McGrath. In today’s increasingly globalised world, it comes as a breath of fresh air to find a restaurateur who strives to keep things local. Ploypan Markawat […]

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I guess I was bored. In retrospect that’s the only explanation I can find for my subsequent behaviour. That or my permanently unclipped wings. George had just received the kind of offer men seem incapable of refusing. I know that because he’d told me so over a glass of champagne in Kettners. “Darling, I really […]

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A Right Royal Treat

Horizon Thailand visits Hua Hin, a city with a growing reputation forwellness and tranquillity. Words by Mark Bibby Jackson. Given the peacefulness of the coastal resort, it is befitting that the man who knows Hua Hin better than almost anyone else is softly spoken. So softly, in fact, that my voice recorder can barely detect […]

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TEBA: The Business Matchmakers

The Thai-European Business Association differs from other business groups in that it is self-financed. Horizon Thailand talks to its executive director to discover what it offers its members they can not find elsewhere. Some join a business association in order to expand their social network, others to increase their chances of business success. The Thai-European […]

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Generation Y Cyber-entrepreneurs

The global spread of smartphones has created a new growth industry. Horizon Thailand talks to four young people who have made business success a virtual reality. STAMP Bangkok-born Opas Lopansri developed and launched Stamp in October 2012. A mobile application for iOS and Android, it allows users to maintain paper loyalty cards in a digital […]

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Banlung: A Tree Too Far

For many years Ratanakiri was hard to reach, especially during the wet season. Now that the roads are much improved, Mark Jackson takes the eight-hour drive to Banlung, but has he left it too late? Russian helicopters first brought Pierre-Yves Clais to Ratanakiri. He used to patrol the road from Stung Treng to Banlung in […]

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